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1. Misterio 06:33
2. Melodia A La Deriva 07:43
3. Beautiful Chaos 07:11
4. Rise Again 06:43
5. Shifting Boards 07:13
6. Upfligting 07:14
7. Metamorphosing 06:00

Manuel Valera New Cuban Express - Rise Again Vol. 1



The compositions featured in Rise Again Volume 1 were crafted amidst the uncertainty that enveloped the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic. When the path ahead was obscured, and it seemed as though someone had extinguished the light, the New Cuban Express found themselves exceptionally fortunate to be welcomed by the gracious Venue Terraza 7. Amid the pandemic, the venue's owner, Freddy Castiblanco, opened its doors to us, providing a space where the band could diligently hone the music every week before a masked audience.

In keeping with my approach to all my musical endeavors, these compositions were conceived with the artistic sensibilities of Felipe, Alex, Boris, Jimmy, and Mauricio in mind. Each ensemble member radiates brilliance in this recording, and it is indeed an honor for me to be surrounded by such levels of artistry and individualism in this extraordinary project. The music serves as a poignant reminder of how art and music possess the remarkable ability to unite us in the most unconventional ways.

Rise Again Volume 1 stands as a testament to resilience and the inherent power of humanity to emerge from one of its...  more


released 26 de abril de 2024


Manuel Valera -piano, Rhodes and keyboards
Alex Norris -trumpet and flugelhorn
Felipe Lamoglia - tenor and soprano saxophone
Boris Kozlov-electric bass
Jimmy Macbride -drums
Mauricio Herrera - percussion


Produced by Manuel Valera and Vinny Valentino
Recorded on August 24, 2021, At Mozart Studio
Recorded by Kostadin Kamcev
Mixed and Mastered by Oscar Autie at El Cerrito Records
Album Artwork and Cover Design by Nelson Ponce


Rise Again Vol. 1 record/vinyl


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