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1. Rhythm-A-Ning 07:55
2. Whisper Not 08:55
3. Three Words 08:16
4. Evidence 07:06
5. Ballad 07:48
6. But Not For Me 05:42
7. Darn That Dream 06:39
8. Searching 08:03
9. What Is This Thing Called Love 08:21


Live at Diese Onze was recorded in April/2019 in the beautiful Montreal Club, Diese Onze. Manuel Valera's trio is composed of Hans Glawischnig and Clarence Penn. the CD features nine originals and standard performed. The performance is kinetic, and the connection between these three artist is unavoidable. Some tracks have intricate arrangements while others offer very organic and interactive versions of some of jazz's most beloved works such as Whisper Not, Darn That Dream and But Not for me.

Was released on May 28, 2021


Manuel Valera (piano)
Hans Glawischnig (bass)
Clarence Penn (drums)

Recorded Live at Diese Onze in Montreal, Canada on April/2019


AZis Label


Artwork by Lukas Frei

All rights reserved

Live at Diese Onze digital album

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