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1. Metaphorically Speaking 05:32
2. Forma Nueva 06:16
3. Simplicity 06:49
4. Displaced 05:36
5. Drume Negrita  07:14
6. Prey To Indulgence 07:11
7. Opens 07:22
8. Nebulism 05:32
9. Say It (Over And Over Again) 06:14
10. En Cinco 06:11
11.  Como NG 05:33
12. Things Aren't What They Seem 06:07


"He leaves no doubt that he’s destined to play a role in the future of jazz. Valera shows a keen jazz vocabulary, a gift for creating grooves that invite stellar solo flights from his collaborators and the nerve to romance a melody when it suits him." --Philip van Vleck, Billboard


With John Patitucci, Bill Stewart, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez & Seamus Blake


2004 MAVO Records


All rights reserved

Forma Nueva digital album

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